Welcome to Stats4Students

The specialized assistant agency for Statistics in Leuven

Bijles Statistiek & Scriptiebegeleiding

Stress for Statistics? Take scholarship statistics in Leuven at Stats4Students. We help you to increase your chances of success! We organize individual axes for statistics and practice sessions in small groups. In addition to statistics statistics, we regularly organize events like question marathons and block days, where you can ask all your questions!

Master students can also join us for personalized thesis supervision. We are strong in everything with structure, data and SPSS. Do you use a quantitative / statistical method for thesis, but your Statistics course is very far? We certainly do not write your thesis, but point you in the right direction, with tailor-made axles.

Where can you find Stats4Students?

We are located in the heart of Leuven, Flemish Brabant. So everyone can easily schedule an ax lesson before or after a lesson. By the way, your assistant statistics are very easy to plan through our website, with your lesson schedule next to you. Thus it stays virtually superimple.

Do not you live in Leuven? That's no problem! We also organize scholarships statistics and thesis guides via Skype. Contact us for more info ! Do you like any tips and tricks to fly Statistics in your course? Take a look at  our Facebook page Stats4Students or on our Youtubekanaal. This way you stay informed about our block days and question marathons ! In addition, please subscribe to our newsletter: We regularly send you study advice and videos that clarify the difficult concepts of your course, free of charge and for nothing!